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Approved: Son Lux

By | Published on Tuesday 10 September 2013

Son Lux

Son Lux’s experiments combining electronic production and his classical training have always been good, but he has perhaps been overshadowed by his association with Sufjan Stevens, with whom he’s toured and collaborated. However, ‘Lost It To Trying’, the first track from his third album ‘Lanterns’, suggests that he’s hit upon a sound that will make him far more difficult to overlook.

The moment the baritone saxophones start up the track’s bassline it’s clear ‘Lost It To Trying’ is going to go somewhere, then there’s that little flute and piccolo riff, and by the time the drums come in you’re totally smitten. Really, you are. Or will be. Just trust me, right?

It is completely and utterly apt that Son Lux has signed to Joyful Noise for ‘Lanterns’, because that’s what this is. The complete album will be released on 29 Oct and I’m pretty excited.

Join me in that excitement by listening to ‘Lost It To Trying’ here: