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Approved: Sparrow And The Workshop

By | Published on Wednesday 13 March 2013

Sparrow And The Workshop

They’ve always had a rock edge to their music, but prior to new album ‘Murderopolis’, Sparrow And The Workshop always had at least one foot still poked into folk. Now back with their first album for two years and a new label in Song, By Toad, the band have pulled both feet together and stood firm in the rock sound they’ve clearly always craved to fully experiment with on record.

And they’re in fine form for making that move, as well. Jill O’Sullivan’s voice and guitar playing both shine throughout the album, while bassist Nick Packer and drummer Gregor Donaldson make a great rhythm section. All of this could have been said of their earlier work, true. But now you need to say it a lot louder to be heard.

Listen to ‘Shock Shock’, the first single from the album and released this week, here: