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Approved: Susanna feat Siri Nilsen and Susanne Sundfør – Death Hanging

By | Published on Wednesday 29 May 2013

Siri Nilsen, Susanna Wallumrød and Susanne Sundfør

The other day I recommended some music to someone, who responded by telling me that it sounded like “my sort of thing”.

“What sort of thing is my sort of thing?” I asked. “Female singers who all sound a bit tortured and are mostly Scandinavian”, came the response. So, you can imagine the mixture of glee and an uncomfortable sense of inevitability I felt when I pressed play on this collaboration between three slightly tortured Scandinavia female singers performing a song called ‘Death Hanging’. But, hey, there’s no use denying who you are.

Recorded by Susanna Wallumrød (of The Magic Orchestra), Siri Nilsen and Susanne Sundfør for Norwegian radio station NRK P3 at last year’s Øya Festival, the song is driven by a single, simple keyboard line. The three women then take it in turns to lament about the unavoidable march of death, before harmonising beautifully about it on the chorus.

Previously only available on Norwegian streaming service Wimp, the track has now been released to download stores through Susanna’s own SusannaSonata label. In September, she is also due to release another collaboration, a new album recorded with chamber orchestra Ensemble Neon.

Stream ‘Death Hanging’ via SoundCloud here: