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Approved: T Evann

By | Published on Tuesday 3 September 2019

T Evann

Musician and producer Tyler Darrington has made music across various projects and with various collaborators. His new solo venture, T Evann, sees him build a psychedelic pop sound with real warmth and soul.

“For a long time I was frustrated and confused about where I was in terms of musical direction”, he says. “I was making a lot of material in various genres but it felt like nobody was listening or paying it any attention. Then I reconnected with my core motivation to make music: my own enjoyment”.

On debut single ‘Day Will Rise’, he adds: “This is a song describing those epiphanies, which I revisit sometimes, to remind myself that it’s all for the personal love of it; self-belief and patience are important to artistic expression”.

That new track centres on a pitched up vocal hook – initially an error in the studio which he ran with. With dense harmonies and other counteracting vocals, it becomes one of the most arresting things about the record.

Darrington’s first album as T Evann – titled ‘Give (Take)’ – is set for release later this year. For now, listen to ‘Day Will Rise’ here:

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