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Approved: Tei Shi

By | Published on Monday 10 March 2014

Tei Shi

Tei Shi is, in real life, Brooklyn artist Valerie Teicher, who coasts a wave of R&B-type pop soloists like FKA Twigs and Banks. She released her first EP, the six-track ‘Saudade’, earlier this year, playing with a changeable paintbox of styles, toying with loops and hard-soft contrasts, and marbling minimalist beats with fluid production.

Like Banks and Twigs, Teicher comes over on tape as glassy, poised, and slightly brittle, as if masking some kind of pain. Despite the facade, her pain is clear to see, and hear, in her lyrics, which are like icicles – cold, fragile and easily snapped.

Stream ‘Saudade’, and an extra splishy-splasy Saint Pepsi mix of one of its tracks, ‘Nevermind The End’, here: