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Approved: The Internet

By | Published on Monday 9 September 2013

The Internet

Accessories-to-Odd-Future since the start, The Internet’s Syd ‘Tha Kyd’ Bennett and Matt Martians first showed stripes as OFWGKTA’s main jazz aficionados via 2011’s ‘Purple Naked Ladies’, an LP that ran as rich and sweet as its titles so… didn’t.

On standby since, save several ‘feat’ credits and Syd singing a blissed postscript to ‘OF Tape Vol 2’ track ‘Analog 2’, the now-band are back on for real, and will release new longplayer ‘Feel Good’ in late September.

Whilst that’s set to feature varied guests in artists like Chad Hugo, Yuna, Thundercat, Jesse Boykins III, Mike Einziger and Mac Miller (the latter on ‘Give It Time’), new track ‘Partners In Crime Part Two’ is a less name-jammed affair, finding the band in a ‘laid back and in love’ frame of mind, riffing lazily on Erykah Badu and early Alicia Keys.

Hear it here: