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Approved: The Rapture

By | Published on Tuesday 14 June 2011

The Rapture

Hand-stamped and fresh off the DFA Records press comes ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’, an utterly new track (no, not a Bee Gees cover, sorry) from resurgent NYC dance-punk hipsters The Rapture.

Debuted by way of the latest instalment of DFA’s ‘White Out’ video series, the track features a repetitive house-inspired piano base sliced through by lead singer Luke Jenner’s piercing vocal.

DIY-filmed on a hand-held cam, and featuring a clumsy man twirling a disco ball in the dark (is that you, DFA boss James Murphy?), the video gives us a satisfyingly lo-fi sample of what’s to come from the band’s upcoming new album ‘In The Grace of Your Love’. Behold it here: