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Approved: Trippple Nippples

By | Published on Thursday 22 September 2011

Trippple Nippples

In this internet age, it’s important to have a band name that shows up well in search engines. So, well done Trippple Nippples, who hold every single position on page one of their Google results in some way or another. Well done also for having a name that brands itself onto your brain so hard that it pushes out other memories. Seriously, a chunk of my childhood is now gone, replaced by those six Ps. I’ve also lost all four years I spent at university to their music.

Based in Tokyo, Trippple Nippples are an electronic duo whose over the top performances have seen them banned from at least two venues in the city. They’re not natural troublemakers, but listening to their music, you can see how things might get out of control; tracks like ‘LSD’ and ‘Masaka’ are over excited bursts of drums, synth and cheerleading. But they’re also superbly produced pop tracks, infectious and unique.

Still, everyone needs a break sometimes, even enthusiastic electro duos, which is where ‘Goldenroad’ (the newly released video for which you can see below) comes in. Showing a completely different string to their bow, it sees them shift things down a couple of gears and relax back into a completely immersive track with an utterly beautiful chorus.