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Approved: Truls – The Next

By | Published on Thursday 11 July 2013


Back in February, Truls Heggero, who goes simply by his first name for professional purposes, put the video for his first track, ‘Out Of Yourself’, up on YouTube and it was very good. Then he played a gig in London in April, and that was also very good. And now the video for a new song, ‘The Next’ (incidentally the song that was stuck in my head for days after that gig), has emerged.

Frankly, he could do with getting on with it a bit, as one song every four months really isn’t enough. Though thankfully, the wait might soon be over, as the video for ‘The Next’ also flashes up the date 13 Sep before fading to black. So presumably something more substantial is coming? Though, given he’s only been releasing these songs commercially (and to great success) back in his native Norway, I’ll not start expecting to hear it anytime soon just yet.

For now, let’s just have a look at that new video. It has horses in it. And a chair.