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Approved: Upsahl

By | Published on Tuesday 13 February 2018


Taylor Upsahl has been performing and recording music since her early teens, developing a talent for songwriting across several early releases. Now something of a veteran despite still only being eighteen, she’s begun pursuing a more formal career in music outside her local scene in Phoenix, Arizona.

“My dad was touring in bands long before I was born”, she says. “So I was lucky enough to have a band room in my house all throughout my childhood. Having access to instruments and a thorough understanding of music allowed me to start writing my own stuff when I was thirteen”.

Performing just as Upsahl, she released new single ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ last year. Both in terms of production and songwriting, it marked a new step up for her. And now, with latest track, ‘Kiss Me Now’, she’s taken a giant leap.

“I’m incredibly excited to see what’s next”, she continues. “Not only has my sound evolved, but so have I”.

Listen to ‘Kiss Me Now’ here:

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