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Approved: Us Baby Bear Bones

By | Published on Tuesday 18 June 2013

Us Baby Bear Bones

First approved two years ago, when they’d tentatively put a couple of demos out into the world, Us Baby Bear Bones have since slowly been finding and developing their sound. Whereas their early recordings had a folky, maybe even slightly twee edge to them, they’ve now beefed things up and brought in more electronic sounds layered on and intricate guitar work to wrap around their excellent songwriting.

The first taste of this arrived last year, with the release of the song ‘You’ as a free download. This track now forms the centrepiece of their debut EP, ‘What Starts With A U And Ends With An I’, which was released last week through Bandcamp. As well as the download, the record also comes in a limited run on 216 CDs, each with artwork that goes together with the others to create one complete image. So that you don’t have to attempt to organise a viewing party with all the other buyers, the band are revealing each piece on their website as they’re sold.

You can buy the EP here, and because I couldn’t pick between one or the other, you can watch the videos for both ‘Mountains’ and ‘You’ here: