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Approved: Veronica Maggio

By | Published on Tuesday 8 October 2013

Veronica Maggio

Swedish singer-songwriter Veronica Maggio’s second album, ‘Satan I Gatan’, was one of my favourite records of 2012. It was actually released in 2011, but I only discovered it when going through the line up of last year’s G! Festival. It was a real shame when she was forced to pull out of the event at the last minute, and that nagging feeling that I still haven’t seen her play live has been with me ever since. Thankfully, there’s a small chance I might be able to rectify that soon, as the follow-up to ‘Satan…’ is on the way.

Actually, it’s already out in Sweden and she’s been pushing it hard via her Facebook page of late, teasing me with geo-locked Spotify links that I can’t play here in the UK. Her official YouTube/Vevo profile has been playing the same trick, though thanks to a few dodgy uploads and the Universal Music Sweden channel, I have been able to hear some of the album, the catchily titled ‘Handen I Fickan Fast Jag Bryr Mig’ (which Google Translate, I suspect, is wrong in telling me means ‘Hand In My Pocket Though I Care’).

I actually have no idea if there are plans to release it over here, but if anyone at Universal is listening, take this as one vote for that to happen. And I’m sure once everyone here has checked out the lyric video for ‘Sergels Torg’, they will join me.