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Approved: Virals

By | Published on Monday 14 May 2012


The sort-of-solo project of ex-Lovvers man Shaun Hencher, Virals plays faded seaside psych across a select playbook, the latest chapter of which is his Tough Love Records-released ‘Coming Up With The Sun’ EP.

Despite having only made their stage debut a short time ago, Hencher and band cut a distinctive dash via a glam, glitterbound live get-up and halcyon odes to cherry-flavoured fizz, their sound best defined as “she-loves-me/she-loves-me-not power pop”.

Virals next play at London’s Hotel Street on 6 Jun in support of Crocodiles, with whom they’ll also take to the Thames on 7 Jun for promoter Sexbeat’s fifth birthday party cruise. That second date’s superlative line-up also features Weird Dreams and DJ sets by Dum Dum Girls and Male Bonding, and you can purchase boarding passes for via Sexbeat’s ticket listings.

But meanwhile, hear a lazy, hazy, crazy Virals day bookended by EP namesake ‘Coming Up With The Sun’ and past single ‘Comes The Night’: