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Approved: Virginia Wing

By | Published on Thursday 23 October 2014

Virginia Wing

The first thing to say of SE London’s Virginia Wing – or Alice Merida Richards, Sam Pillay (ex-Let’s Wrestle) and Sebastian Truskolaski – is that the band have a new LP, ‘Measures Of Joy’, filed for release on 2 Nov, via the ever-great Fire Records. So write that date down.

Moving on, or rather, back, ‘Measures’ lights on top of a small pile of singles and EPs (dating back to 2012’s brilliant ‘A Worn Path’/’Divination’ tape), retailed on tight-knit labels like Sexbeat, Critical Heights and the Brighton-based Faux Discx. And over the lifeline of which VW’s basic line-up has shuffled back and forth a fair bit, with Richards taking over main vocals from one-time frontman-of-sorts Mike ‘Lightning’ Hankin early on. Or at least, I think that’s what happened… the band’s biog is kind of hard to track.

Anyway, that’s the history part over with, so now to listen to a pair of advance tracks off the Virginia Wing of today’s ‘Measures Of Joy’; namely the smoky, close-coiled ‘World Contact’ and after, with its own meditative and slightly chilly video, avant-pop-song-with-poise ‘Marnie’: