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Approved: Walter TV

By | Published on Monday 25 November 2013

Walter TV

Walter TV is Mac Demarco’s ‘other’ band in which he isn’t even the lead singer. In short, it features the same players as in DeMarco’s live band, only at different stations, with usual bassist Pierce McGarry moonlighting as vocalist. So basically, this Approved is a slim excuse for me to mention how great Mac DeMarco is for the hundredth time. Sorry everyone.

Anyway, Walter TV have just put out a video for their track ‘Paranormal Witness’, which appears on their TBC next cassette ‘BLESSED’. It seems that neither the track nor the video are new, rather the band is giving a new push to some old content; certainly they all look a lot younger in this video than now.

A sped-up, wibbly and sweetly naive pop song dedicated to a “tense, cinematic, high-octane drama-documentary series” off the Syfy channel (of the same name), it’s a far cry from what Pierce, Mac et al are playing at these days, as is evidenced by their extremely skin-tight set at this year’s Pitchfork Festival Paris. And yes, it is silly and childish, but it’s as DeMarco says in the clip of that performance “were a bunch of immature assholes and I’m sorry, but it’s just the way we are”.

Dig into ‘Paranormal Witness’, and the Pitchfork clip, which really is worth a look, here: