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Approved: Yullippe

By | Published on Thursday 7 December 2017


I last featured Yullippe here a little over two years ago, when she released her second album ‘Lys’. Now she’s back with her third, ‘Selfish&Anchor’, and I’ve found myself joyously immersed in her dark industrial techno sound once again. This new release really sees her take those ‘dark’ and ‘industrial’ adjectives to heart, with a dingy, dystopian mood running throughout the album.

On ‘Kokot’, murmuring voices can be heard beneath synths that sound like buzzing lightbulbs, while ‘Monemone’ is led by what sounds like a printer mass-producing the same label over and over. Neither of which are descriptions which sell this record – but I assure you, both of those tracks are highlights of a completely enthralling album.

My first listen to ‘Selfish&Anchor’ came just as the sun set on an already gloomy December day. It could not have been a more perfect soundtrack to the gradual loss of light that occurred as the music played and revealed itself, growing in intensity as visibility was slowly lost.

Listen to the album in full on Bandcamp or check out the title track on SoundCloud here.

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