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Approved: Zhala

By | Published on Tuesday 24 March 2015


The words ‘Robyn protégé’ will get you a long way, but only so far. At some point you’ll have to step out on your own, and for Zhala that time is now.

Only the second artist to sign to Robyn’s Konichiwa label – after Robyn herself – nine years after the company was founded, Zhala drew a lot of attention with her ‘Prophet’ EP last year, not least in the CMU office. After that, she got to with producer Mathias Oldén on her debut album, which is due out on 25 May.

The finished record is an exciting trip further into what she describes as ‘cosmic pop’, a high energy, often tense sound, based, she herself says, “on physical reactions”. At times it can feel like she’s holding back, but only so that the shock of the unrestrained run she’s about to make at you has maximum impact.

Listen to ‘Holy Bubbles’, one of the album’s standout tracks, which typifies her style perfectly, here: