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Approved: Zooni

By | Published on Thursday 11 July 2019

Zooni released their debut single ‘Pany’ in April this year, a gentle but gripping waltz that danced them into the hearts of many early fans. They followed it up last month with ‘Haze’, which added a new texture to their sound, revealing more of their warm sonic palette. And now with latest single ‘Cotton Blue’, they’ve done it again.

The new track is a departure from their first two singles in some senses, although it remains distinctly their own. All three songs have a floaty feeling to them, but the latest track heads out on to choppier waters, in large part due to being in 7/8. It’s a time signature that’s not easy to make work in the context of a pop song, but they pull off with apparent ease.

“Cotton Blue is an introspective song about giving up on a broken relationship”, say the band. “It was written and demoed on a retreat to the Welsh countryside with the producer Jay Pocknell”.

The band played their debut London show earlier this month, and are now set to play the Kendal Calling and Moseley Folk & Arts festivals this summer.

Listen to ‘Cotton Blue’ here:

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