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Approved: ZZZ’s

By | Published on Thursday 24 May 2012


Post-punk trio ZZZ’s formed in Tokyo late last year, following the break-up of their former band Hystoic Vein in October. Less than a month later they played their first live show, and were touring the US by March, also taking part in this year’s SxSW. Earlier this month they were back in Japan again supporting Electric Eel Shock.

So it’s all happened rather quickly for them, which is possibly why many of the pages on their 90s-style official website announce that they are “under constructions”, and why what little information there is about the band online conflicts across different social networks. But you don’t need to worry yourself about that, all you need to concern yourself with are the three tracks streaming on their SoundCloud page.

For ease, let’s concentrate on one of those three tracks here, ‘Dystopia’. Like all three of their publicly available songs, it’s prone to sudden and unexpected changes. The first half of the song is underpinned by circling bass and drums, with guitar that winds through a range of sounds, from grinding metal to degraded squealing. It then drops the pace to allow guitarist Youkaku and bassist Yukary’s dual vocals to hop on board, before leaping back into action. They may not have been around long, but they’ve quickly hit on something very exciting.

Listen to ‘Dystopia’ here: