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Arctic Monkeys to record “heavier” new LP, perhaps in Sheffield

By | Published on Tuesday 3 July 2012

I believe it was Metallica’s Lars Ulrich who once said that the Arctic Monkeys were “a heavy metal band disguised as an indie band”, and I can see what he meant. So too, apparently, can Arctics main man Alex Turner, who has said the band are favouring their last single ‘R U Mine’s “heavier” sound for the successor to last year’s ‘Suck It And See’ LP.

Speaking to Artrocker, Turner said: “I think we’re going to go the direction of those heavier tunes. We did ‘R U Mine’ and I think that’s where it’s going to be at for us for the next record. We feel the strength of the last album is ‘Don’t Sit Down’… and the other songs like that. The other side of it is fine, but I don’t know how much more of that we can do”.

He also revealed that the band were considering a return to Sheffield to record the new album, adding that he’d prefer he and his bandmates be in one place while working on new material this time, unlike with ‘Suck It And See’,

Turner: “I was living in New York, and that’s where I wrote a lot of those ‘Suck It And See’ songs, and the fact that me and the other chaps were on either side of a large body of water – I wrote a lot on acoustic guitar in the flat. Then we went and applied to it what we thought they needed, which is not really a way that we worked before. Mostly it’s just the four of us hashing it out in a rehearsal space, but those kind of songs were in the minority on the last record, due to circumstance really”.