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Arise Lord Sharkey of Teenage Kicks

By | Published on Tuesday 20 July 2010

That crazy boy David ‘Kid’ Cameron is considering offering that groovy uncle of the bizness of rock, Master Feargal Sharkey, a seat in the House Of Lords. Well, we all need to sit down from time to time. According to The Mirror, the Cam man is considering handing the Shark a peerage in recognition of his work supporting the music industry, most recently as the boss of cross-sector trade body UK Music.

If he took the seat, Sharkey would most likely be a ‘cross-bencher’, ie with no party affiliations, given his personal politics are thought to be somewhat to the left of Cameron. Still, the cross-benchers are where it’s all at in the House Of Lords, so that would be a sensible move.

A senior government source told The Mirror: “David Cameron is deeply impressed with Feargal and his knowledge, leadership and commitment when it comes to representing the music business. He would be a welcome addition to the House of Lords or in a role advising the government, although nothing has been finalised yet”.

The tab also cites friends of Sharkey who say that, despite his left leaning politics, the one time Undertone would accept a seat in the House Of Lords from Cameron, or a part time job advising the coalition government on music matters, believing it would aid him in his lobbying role for the music biz as UK Music chief.