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Album Review: Art Brut – Art Brut Vs Satan (Cooking Vinyl)

By | Published on Monday 20 April 2009

Art Brut

The third album from Art Brut sees Eddie Argos and chums signing to Cooking Vinyl after severing their ties with EMI last year. With Black Francis at the producer’s wheel and Argos’ lyrics reaching new heights this is certainly their most consistent and impressive record. It is a shame that there is no more Top Of The Pops because I can see Eddie up there renewing our faith in intelligent wordplay, as he says on ‘Demons Out!’ “If we can’t change the world lets at least get the charts right – The Record Buying public shouldn’t be voting”. Opener and first single ‘Alcoholics Unanimous’ describes the day after a rough night and gives us a good idea of the sort of character we are dealing with, a twenty-first century rake, with a penchant for reminiscing over teenage adventures and maybe even still having them. Art Brut are big in France and Germany, and if they can see the lyrical wonder then surely it’s only a matter of time before they crack it over here. The themes they cover will certainly find a place in the hearts of the more geeky end of the record buying public, with tracks about teenage lust, DC Comics, indie records, getting a song in your head and singing it at inappropriate moments and waking up with unexplained bruises. I could spend hours quoting lines from this record but where to start – get it yourself and prepare for a treat. IM

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