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Art Brut return with first new music for seven years

By | Published on Monday 13 August 2018

Art Brut

Art Brut have signed to Alcopop! Records to release their first album for seven years. They’ve marked the occasion by releasing new single, ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!’

“Watch the fuck out”, warns frontman Eddie Argos. “We’re back and very rejuvenated. I wanted to call the last album ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Lets Rock Out!’, but in the end it didn’t really sound like a Wham! Bang! Pow! record, more like ‘Brilliant! Tragic!’ But that means this idea has been rattling around my head for seven years. Seven years!”

He goes on: “Art Brut make Wham! Bang! Pow! music. [The new single] is about making friends. Art Brut are coming to your party whether you want us to or not. We didn’t want to go home yet, there were still quite a few people we hadn’t met”.

Two people they have met are guitarist Toby Macfarlaine – who also plays bass for Graham Coxon – and Wedding Present drummer Charlie Layton, who replace Jasper Future and Mikey Breyer in the band’s line-up.

Commenting on his latest signing, label boss Jack Clothier says: “A few years into running Alcopop! I created a little wishlist in my mind of the absolute top five dream bands who I’d love to sign most of all. Legitimately we expected to sign none of them, but, lo and behold, Art Brut are the fourth on the list to sign with us, and we couldn’t be more excited. This new material is undeniably their best yet, and it’s exactly what the world needs right now if you ask me”.

The release date for the album is yet to be confirmed, but you’ll definitely be able to hear some new songs when the band play the Boston Music Room in London on 7 Nov. Well, not definitely, but it would be weird if they didn’t play at least one. Speaking of which,┬áhere is the one new song that’s out now: