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Artist And Manager Awards to return

By | Published on Wednesday 28 January 2015

Artist & Manager Awards

Those of you who had Wednesday 25 Mar in the sweepstake for the date of the next edition of the Artist And Manager Awards are going to be mightily pissed off. Because after many weeks of in-depth judging by some of the best in the awards-staging industry, the Music Managers Forum and Featured Artist Coalition have decided that Thursday 26 Mar is the most deserving date for this most esteemed event. A controversial decision I know, but sometimes awards shows have to break the mould and think big.

Let’s just hope that this avant garde approach to award night date choosing fits in with the schedule of one Imogen Heap, because she’s already down to get the Pioneer Award in recognition of “her consistently bold and novel approach to writing, production and performance, as well as her outstanding creative output and innovative fan engagement”. The artist and manager community will be heaping – yeah? – the praise on to Imogen herself come the 26 Mar, providing she can locate East London’s The Troxy.

The event, by the way, in case you wondered, is sponsored by tickets app Dice, the co-founder of which, Phil Hutcheon, said these words: “The MMF and FAC represent the most influential and innovative managers and artists. We have a shared mission to grow the music industry by embracing new technology and transparency and we’re honoured to be a part of the awards”.

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