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Artist, songwriters and managers comment on the bloody Copyright Directive

By | Published on Wednesday 27 March 2019


The UK Council Of Music Makers: “This is a historic turning point in the evolution of the digital era as outdated laws are modernised to balance the value gap between tech platforms that host creative works, whilst adequately remunerating and protecting the rights of those who create those works, as well as fans who wish to share the joy that such creative works bring. Music makers are significant contributors to culture, as well as providing considerable growth in the economy. The full package of the copyright directive enables positive progress towards a digital future that is up to date with consumers and supportive of our creative community. Modernising the industry, it encourages a healthier market with real fairness and transparency. It promotes a sustainable, innovative, balanced music business with music makers at its heart”.

Music Managers’ Forum CEO Annabella Coldrick: “This is really positive news. The MMF has stood with the rest of the music industry, and alongside our colleagues in the European Music Managers Alliance and the Council Of Music Makers, to push for these vital updates to copyright law. This is a once in a generation opportunity to recalibrate Europe’s digital economy to ensure artists are fairly remunerated. Alongside article thirteen, today’s directive also offers a raft of changes that will empower artists and creators, ensuring they have greater transparency and leverage in their licensing and contractual partnerships. For the creative community, these amendments in articles fourteen to sixteen are also of the utmost importance. It is now crucial that UK legislators act constructively to make good on their promises and implement these changes in full, and at the earliest opportunity”.