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ASA rules Rihanna perfume ad too rude for kids

By | Published on Thursday 5 June 2014


Rihanna has gone and done a shocking, nudity-based thing again, and frankly the fact that the world is shocked about it is probably more of a shock than the shocking, nudity-based thing itself. In this post-transparent-CFDAs-dress era in which we live and all.

Anyway, so shocking is this latest ‘racy Rihanna’ thing, a poster image (this image) advertising her new ‘scent’ ‘Rogue’, that the Advertising Standards Authority has deemed it “sexually suggestive” and “provocative”, placing a restriction on it meaning it can no longer be positioned where children are likely to see it.

The perfume’s maker Parlux insisted that it wasn’t aware of any complaints made relating to the ad, adding that the ‘Rogue’ campaign was “consistent with advertising for Rihanna’s previous perfume launches, which had received no complaints, and reflected the advertising norms of the fragrance industry”.

But, whilst the ASA conceded that the pic was “unlikely to cause serious offence”, noting that RiRi’s gaze in it was “one of defiance rather than vulnerability”, it did slap a big red placement restriction on it, if only for the kids.