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Ashcroft commends Fry for removing stigma of depression

By | Published on Monday 5 July 2010

Richard Ashcroft has commended Stephen Fry for being so upfront about his bipolar disorder in recent years, saying the actor come telly presenter come national treasure has singled handedly helped to remove some of the stigma attached to mental illness.

Fry, of course, has spoken widely about his bipolar disorder, and made an acclaimed BBC documentary about his condition, and other forms of depression, in 2006. Ashcroft, who has long suffered from depression himself, told reporters recently: “I really admire Stephen Fry and love what he’s done over the past few years in bringing mental illness into the open and tackling the stigma surrounding it”.

While accepting that his own depression will never go away, Ashcroft says he is now able to deal with it without medication. He continued: “It [depression] will be with me for a lifetime. It’s not something a magic wand can make disappear. But I’ve been lucky with music, my wife and my family. I’ve got really good support. I don’t take medication now but I have in the past – but I’m better with natural endorphins. I used to joke with friends how the house I bought in the countryside saved me. But it did. Basic things like nature, the stream and a good walk helped me find my peace”.