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Asking Alexandria sign to Better Noise Music

By | Published on Tuesday 8 June 2021

Asking Alexandria

Better Noise Music has signed rock band Asking Alexandria to a new record deal, ahead of a new album release later this year.

Although a British band, to date they have seen their biggest success in the US – although their 2016 album ‘The Black’ did go to number fifteen on the UK album chart (in the States it went top ten). Signing to the UK-based Better Noise, they hope to grow their fanbase at home and worldwide.

“Today we welcome Asking Alexandria into the Better Noise Music label, and we are THRILLED to join them on the next chapter of their musical journey”, says Better Noise President Dan Waite.

“The fact that Asking Alexandria are from the UK with a worldwide audience”, he goes on, “gives us the opportunity to deepen their strong connections with fans on both a local and international level across Better Noise Music’s global offices. As a global touring act they have over one billion cumulative streams and views, and we look forward to building on that success”.

Guitarist Ben Bruce adds: “We are all extremely excited to be part of the passionate team at Better Noise Music. Over the past ten years, we’ve been so grateful to connect with fans all over the world. While we’ve concentrated particularly on our North American fanbase in the past, our goal for the future is that our music and live shows become more accessible to audiences on a global scale. That is why we jumped at the chance to sign to Better Noise”.

“Working with the team out of the label’s UK branch gives us the opportunity to be more connected as a band to our home country, while simultaneously working with all of their international offices to reach our goals”, he continues. “We are all extremely proud to hail from England and getting back in touch with our roots is something that is beyond exciting to us. We are more focused, more driven and more determined than ever before. Thank you to everyone who has helped us and supported us over the years. It truly means the world to us. Here’s to the future”.

The band’s US-based manager Diony Sepulveda comments: “Asking Alexandria accomplished a lot in their first decade, and most of it was done on instinct, guts, heart and pure drive. But while the band is already part of the hard rock culture in America, they wanted more, especially internationally”.

“At a time where information and analytics play an ever-increasingly crucial role in the record business, the Better Noise team has cracked the code on obtaining key data from their digital partners, analysing it efficiently, translating it to the artist, and utilising it to help maximise and grow the band’s digital footprint”, he goes on. “So we jumped at the chance to see what their team could do to help elevate the band on a global level. I truly cannot wait for the world to experience the results of this exciting new partnership”.

Asking Alexandria released their sixth studio album, ‘Like A House On Fire’, last year, which failed to achieve the commercial success of previous releases. Presumably the hope is that, with the new label on board, album seven will repeat and exceed past successes.