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Attitude Is Everything signs up 100th organisation to its charter

By | Published on Wednesday 3 December 2014

Attitude Is Everything

Music charity Attitude Is Everything, which aims to make live music – including venues and festivals – more accessible to deaf and disabled fans, has now signed up one hundred organisations to its Charter Of Best Practice. And the 100th signee is the 300 capacity Boileroom in Guildford, proving, says the charity, that smaller venues can also benefit by implementing simple and cost effective steps to make their spaces more accessible.

The Charter Of Best Practice calls on event producers and venue operators to go beyond their legal obligations under the Equality Act so to provide a fair and equal service to deaf and disabled customers. And in 2013, Attitude Is Everything says, some 70,000 disabled people attended venues and festivals signed up to the charter, generating £3.5 million worth of ticket and concessionary sales.

The simple but important measures introduced at The Boileroom to meet and achieve Attitude Is Everything’s Charter include publishing clear and detailed access information on their website, ensuring staff are trained and aware of disabled customers’ needs, and providing a stage side viewing area for customers that need to sit for a gig, ensuring a clear sightline of the stage.

The Boileroom founder Dominique Frazer told reporters: “We are delighted to be the recipient of Attitude Is Everything’s Charter Of Best Practice. I definitely feel that more can be done to ensure deaf and disabled fans are made more welcome in their local venues. From a personal perspective, improving The Boileroom’s access policy is simply good customer service. It’s important that we are an accessible venue and by working with charities such as Attitude Is Everything we will continue to improve and evolve our practices and policies to maintain high standards”.

Meanwhile Attitude Is Everything founder Suzanne Bull added: “For Attitude Is Everything to be awarding the 100th sign-up to the Charter is a real milestone, and I’m particularly excited that we’ve recognised a small venue like The Boileroom. The changes implemented by Dominique and her team may appear minor to some, but for deaf and disabled fans they will have a major impact. Small venues are the lifeblood of the UK’s music community, and it is hugely important that disabled audiences are not excluded from their local scenes. Music should be without barriers”.