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Austin to sponsor NME Awards in 2014

By | Published on Tuesday 26 November 2013

NME Awards 2014

So this is a shockwave, or more to the point not a Shockwave. To be honest I can’t remember when Shockwaves stopped sponsoring the NME’s annual awards bash, but if we could all pretend that’s a recent development, the various hair gel references in this story will make more sense. Thank you kindly. And I do like what you’ve done with your hair.

So yes, IPC Media has announced a new sponsor for the NME’s big awards show in 2014 and it is, erm, the city of Austin in Texas. Which is different. Coming soon, the NME Radar Tour sponsored by Bratislava and the NME Freshers Tour in association with Croydon.

Though Austin, of course, is the Live Music Capital Of The World. We know this because the city’s council has trademarked that slogan, so it must be true. Though as the home of South By South West, at least most of the bands presented with awards by Team NME next February will be able to honestly say they’ve been to Austin, which is better than having to lie about, yes, of course I style my hair with that goo from Wella.

And now NME editor Mike Williams, who always secretly sculpted his hair with Lynx Messed-Up Look Re-Workable Paste, is going to tell you how much he is in awe of the city of Austin: “No city in the world does more to support live music than Austin, Texas. They pack in a mindboggling amount of amazing festivals into a year, each of which seems to get better every time. Like everything else that the city does, they do it all their own way, embracing vibrancy, diversity and passion. There couldn’t be a more perfect partner for the NME Awards 2014”.

Meanwhile Bob Lander from the Austin tourist board got on the blower (phone, not hair drier, the hair product references ended in that last paragraph) and told CMU: “We are thrilled to be the title sponsor for the 2014 NME Awards. This partnership represents an incredible opportunity to expose our Live Music Capital Of The World® brand and outstanding Austin talent to their fan base”.

I’m not saying he actually spoke the little ‘r’ in a circle, but it was there. Bob would also like you to know that British Airways will be flying direct from Heathrow to Austin from next March, though I can’t work out whether that’ll actually be in time for South By. You probably wouldn’t be able to afford the direct flight option anyway.

Meanwhile, back in Britain, the NME Awards, taking place on 26 Feb, will return to the Brixton Academy, currently sponsored by shit phone firm O2 of course, though due to be rebranded as the Damascus Academy Brixton early next year.