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Austra announce third album, Future Politics

By | Published on Monday 24 October 2016


Austra have announced their third album, ‘Future Politics’, a record that calls for “a commitment to replace the approaching dystopia”. And I think we can all agree that sounds like a nice idea.

Explains vocalist and songwriter Katie Stelmanis, she’s looking for “not just hope in the future, but the idea that everyone is required to help write it, and the boundaries of what it can look like are both fascinating and endless”. “It’s not about ‘being political'”, she adds, “It’s about reaching beyond boundaries, in every single field”.

The announcement of the release of the album on 20 Jan is accompanied by the video for first single ‘Utopia’.

Confirming Stelmanis’ commitment to changing everything, its director, That Go, says: “Katie came into the video project with a lot of ideas about the future. We discussed everything from food trends to ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. The video is more near-future than distant-future, with recognisable technology and modern protein sources”.

Watch here: