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Axl Rose wins at singing

By | Published on Wednesday 21 May 2014

Axl Rose

The wacky team at live listings site Concert Hotels, who clearly have time to spare, have made a chart measuring famed artists’ vocal ranges. And the man with the widest range, say their findings, is… well, it’s insects’-best-friend Axl Rose.

And whilst being able to shriek the highest and growl the lowest isn’t really the same as being a great singer, it does mean Axl has a vocal span of five big fat octaves. So go on, give him a clap.

In a list of artists both living and dead, Axl leads the likes of Mariah ‘Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse’ Carey, Prince, Steven Tyler and James Brown at the top of interactive vocal range chart, whilst Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, Karen Carpenter, Sam Cook and JUSTIN BIEBER languish at the bottom. Also, Lorde beats Whitney, Bono beats Aretha, and Eminem and Lou Reed have identical ranges. What a mix!

Anyway, it is really quite a good ‘water cooler’-type read, so check the rankings here.