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Axl Rose’s first new music for a decade is a collaboration with Bugs Bunny

By | Published on Tuesday 8 January 2019

Looney Tunes Axl Rose

It’s now more than a decade since Axl Rose released the very-long-time-coming Guns N Roses album ‘Chinese Democracy’. A record which you may or may not class as a Rose solo project. However, he’s now reunited with original GNR members Slash and Duff McKagan and, word has it, new material is on the way.

Which is exciting news for GNR fans. Though the first new music you’ll hear from Rose this year is actually a song he recorded for a cartoon.

Rose provides vocals on a song called ‘Rock The Rock’ for the first episode of the new series of Looney Tunes reboot ‘New Looney Tunes’. He will also appear as a character in the show, helping Bugs Bunny save Earth from being destroyed by an asteroid through the power of rock music. Hence ‘Rock The Rock’, you see?

Before you ask, we’ve already checked if Slash and McKagan also appear on the new track. Unfortunately, Bugs Bunny plays guitar and Porky Pig provides bass, so no luck. Check out the song here: