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Azealia Banks is finally without a record deal

By | Published on Monday 14 July 2014

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has ‘got out’ of her deal with Universal/Interscope. Yeah, you’re thinking I mean ‘dropped’, and you’re probably right. But remember that Azealia has been “begging” to get out of the contract since the start of the year. She even went so far as to threaten to leak her debut album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, if her demands weren’t met. They weren’t but she didn’t.

Then, on Friday, it was all over. Announcing that the severance was underway, she tweeted: “IM ABOUT TO GET OUT OF MY DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS THE BIG SURPRISE!!!!!”

Then shortly afterwards: “I’S IS FREE!!!!!!”

And: “I’m feeling like miss celie at the end of color purple”

And: “Free at last”


And: “I’m gonna have a fresh start. I’m so excited!!!!”

And: “Ugh, now I get to be the cool indie chick I imagined I would be when I was 14!!!”

And: “All of my 14 year old dreams are coming true”

And: “All I need is to be a member of Interpol and my teenage dreams are complete !”

Let’s ignore the fact that she started out as an indie artist, before falling out with XL. Azealia Banks is free and now we can all expect to hear that album she’s been talking about for so long. Probably.