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Azealia fires at Stone Roses over soundcheck

By | Published on Monday 11 March 2013

Azealia Banks

Sometimes we think to ourselves that we should all stop reporting on idle Twitter bitching by celebs, it being hardly original these days, but then Azealia Banks fires up her smartphone and it’s hard not to take notice.

The latest targets for some Azealia-abuse were The Stone Roses, after they allegedly ruined her set at Australia’s Future Music Festival by soundchecking nearby during her performance. According to the rapper, the reformed Manc band deliberately timed their soundcheck to clash with her set at the request of her ex-tour manager as payback for his firing.

Then, says the NME, began the Twitter bashing. “Wow! I must really fucking be a superstar” she noted, “You’ve got an established band trying to sabotage my lil rap bitch shine. A bunch of old white men trying to bully a young black girl… What the fuck else is new in this world?” But refusing to get too down-hearted by the whole furore, she mused: “Fuck those old saggy white niggas stone roses. I wish them nothing but excrement and death”.

So that’s nice. Banks subsequently deleted those tweets, possibly as a result of the subsequent post “The Stone Roses apologized to me”. All’s well that ends well, eh? Except that things rarely end well where Banks is involved. The rapper cancelled her performance on the Adelaide leg of the Future Music Festival tour due to unspecified “road hags”, who we presume to be The Stone Roses again.

Shortly before she was due to go on stage this morning (UK time), she tweeted: “These stupid road hags are at the back of my stage trying to sabotage AGAIN… not going on until they’re off”, adding later that her show would not go ahead, saying: “I waited an hour. The promoter refused to make the same guys who messed up my show the other day move… So I’m leaving”.

A short time later, as either a means of placating fans or to capitalise on the increased attention (depending on your level of cynicism), she posted her delayed new single ‘Yung Rapunxel’ to SoundCloud. You can listen to that here: