Bad Weather California stream album

By | Published on Wednesday 22 February 2012

Bad Weather California

American psyche quartet Bad Weather California have made their new album, ‘Sunkissed’, available to stream in full a week ahead of release. Which is nice of them, because it’s a very good album.

Signed to Akron/Family’s Family Tree label, frontman Seth Olinsky said of the album: “The whole album emerged as an unintentional song-cycle revolving around the theme of the sun, but not the Sun Ra pyramid mystical paradigm – rather the sun that shines on you as you’re on your way to the beach, or sneaking out of class to smoke with your friends. This is no childish record about running around in the woods and being kids forever, though, this is actually a pretty real record, one that speaks to you as if you were there, or it noticed your light on at 9pm on a Friday night and calls to invite you to walk around the streets together all night looking for something to do”.

Or, more succinctly, it’s like “a soundtrack to a made up movie about the summer you spent skateboarding, discovering drugs, going to the beach, falling in love”.

Listen to the album via Spinner here.