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Bandcamp launches full discography bundles

By | Published on Wednesday 2 December 2015


Direct-to-fan platform Bandcamp has launched a new feature allowing bands and labels to sell their entire back catalogues as one bundle.

“We quietly launched full discography purchase last week”, said the company in a blog post. “Based on the percentage of eligible artists who have enabled it, and their earnings so far, we know that if every eligible artist turns it on, we’ll see about $1.8 million in bundles sell over the next few weeks”.

Bundles can be discounted by anything from 5% to 90%, or offered with no discount at all. To be eligible, artists must have at least three albums up for sale on Bandcamp already. “Two albums is just two albums”, says Bandcamp, explaining this restriction. “Three on the other hand… that’s an oeuvre!”

This new feature follows another recently launched by Bandcamp, that of allowing fans to subscribe to an artist and receive everything they release on an annual basis. Writing for CMU, producer Dan Le Sac recently pondered how good a deal that actually is for the fan.