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BandLab relaunches MusicTech

By | Published on Thursday 28 October 2021


BandLab Technologies – which owns various music media, including the NME – has announced the relaunch of the MusicTech website, following the decision to stop publishing a print edition of the MusicTech magazine at the start of the year.

Announcing the relaunch, and the extended editorial remit it involves, BandLab says: “For close to two decades, MusicTech has focused on techniques and technology for creators and music industry professionals. The new look will still cater for advanced music makers, but will bring a new focus to novice musicians and fans alike. It will focus on emerging and established artists and musicians, and how technology is changing the way we interact with sound and music, as well as how audio intersects with fields such as gaming, sport, culture, design, art, business and more”.

BandLab Technologies Editorial Director Iliyas Ong adds: “The rules of making and distributing music are continually being rewritten. Technology has empowered artists by allowing them to control their own careers independently, from honing their craft to reaching new fans. And the next stage of MusicTech is committed to championing this new vanguard of musicians by sharing their stories and equipping them with the relevant resources, skills and knowledge”.

Meanwhile, BandLab’s UK Country Director, Holly Bishop, says: “We’re delighted to unveil a re-imagined MusicTech to its audience and our partners. This major milestone in MusicTech’s evolution truly delivers on its promise to inspire the next generation of music makers. Through a vibrant tapestry of art and passion, our world where music meets technology is more expansive than it has ever been. There has never been a more inspiring and inclusive time to engage with the brand”.