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Bandsintown adds more artist analytics and lots of circles

By | Published on Wednesday 4 February 2015


Gig listings app and Songkick competitor Bandsintown has further refined the services it offers artists, managers and promoters by adding a stack of extra analytics to its previously reported Bandsintown Manager app. The analytics will be made available to all artists who have over one hundred ‘trackers’ on the tech firm’s platform.

Bandsintown cites a stat that about 40% of gig tickets often go unsold because fans don’t know that their favourite artist is in town. And it reckons that its new analytic tools, and a fancy ‘geographic interface’ that is certainly fun for fans of concentric circles, will better enable artists to assess potential audiences in each locale, and how well they are doing at getting their message out to potential ticket buyers. Or something like that.

Remember how Bandsintown formed an alliance with Sony Music Unlimited this time last year to allow users to preview tracks from gigging artists? Well, that was a waste of everyone’s time, wasn’t it?