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Barbara Ross says Jacko paternity claimant not her daughter

By | Published on Thursday 29 July 2010

So, it seems that Diana Ross’s niece Mocienne Petit Jackson is very probably not Michael Jackson’s daughter. Nor, indeed, is she Diana Ross’s niece either.

As previously reported, Mocienne filed court papers in LA earlier this week claiming that she was the result of a one night stand that occurred between Diana Ross’s sister Barbara and a then seventeen year old Michael Jackson in 1975. The legal action aims to force the Jackson family to allow a DNA test to take place so to prove (or not) Mocienne’s claims. If her claims were proven true, then she would subsequently sue for a cut of the Jacko estate.

However, Jackson Junior’s paternity claims have been hindered somewhat by Barbara Ross disputing the maternity claims that seem to be taken as a given in the legal papers. That is to say Diana Ross’s older sister says she is not the mother of the claimant.

What’s more Dr Barbara Ross-Lee, who says she never even met Michael Jackson, claims that Mocienne has been harassing her for some time, that she has made it clear to her that she is not the woman’s mother, and that the latest story about her father being Jacko is “bizarre” and totally made up. 

As previously reported, certain aspects of Mocienne’s lawsuit seemed somewhat outlandish even before Barbara Ross denied having any connection with the claimant. In particular, the legal papers claim that Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine conspired to keep her son’s alleged love child a secret by attempting to abduct Mocienne, and then bumping off the people involved in the failed kidnap.

The Jackson family are yet to comment on the lawsuit, while Mocienne is yet to comment on Barbara Ross’s statement.