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Barney Artist and Chloe Martini engage Absolute Label Services

By | Published on Tuesday 30 July 2019

Barney Artist

Management company Salute The Sun has hired Absolute Label Services to work on releases by two of its artists, Barney Artist and Chloe Martini.

Absolute Label Services Director Mark Dowling says: “We are all really excited to be working with Linda, Nadine and Mel at Salute The Sun. They are a dream to work with and we complement each other well. Both Barney and Chloe are artists we’ve been aware of for some time, and it’s great they’ve chosen to partner with Absolute. Both are extremely talented artists who are forging careers on their own terms”.

Salute The Sun Director Nadine Persaud adds: “We’ve worked with several distribution partners but the enthusiasm and passion shown by the Absolute team for our projects has really set the standard for us. As managers, you care deeply about your artists and their music, so it’s vital that everyone on your team carries that same energy. Our projects can run smoothly because even at the most senior level, Absolute make themselves available to deal with issues and deliver creative solutions”.

The first releases under the deal are Martini’s new EP ‘Daydream’, which came out last week, and Artist’s upcoming EP ‘Bikes Are Bikes’, which is out next week.