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Bauer launches Absolute decade station for the 2010s

By | Published on Monday 18 November 2019

Bauer Media

A cursory glance at the RAJAR radio listening figures will tell you that some of the most successful digital stations in the UK are the nostalgia stations. Which is why everyone has been busy launching decade specific versions of their big radio brands. Heart has stations for the 70s, 80s and 90s. Absolute for the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

And here comes the latest. Because Bauer is launching yet another Absolute outlet for all those people who like to reminisce about the heady days of old when Tones & I spent seven weeks – yes seven weeks – at the top of the chart with ‘Dance Monkey’. Because who can forget the glory years when music was music, and proper songs were performed by proper artists like, erm, Drake, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this morning Bauer launched Absolute Radio 10s. Because the 10s are nearly over, see. And soon we’ll all have to endure all the shit pop music of the 2020s. And once that musical sewage is filling your ears, some classic Drake from 2018 will be blessed relief.

“Digital product development has always been at the core of what Bauer stands for”, says the media firm’s Group MD Steve Parkinson, in a bid to make working in radio sound like the most fucking awful job in the world. “Ten years after the launch of the original game-changer Absolute 80s, we launch Absolute Radio 10s which anticipates a new listener need”.

As with its other decade stations – and its Classic Rock channel – Absolute’s flagship shows, like Dave Berry’s breakfast show, will also air on Absolute 10s, but with different music.

Berry says of the new addition: “I’m like the Dr Who of radio as the only breakfast presenter at the helm of parallel universes. My one live show is now partnered with no fewer than eight playlists to give listeners their favourite songs, no matter what their favourite decade is or what mood they’re in, I’m ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ in the 60s, I’m ‘Into The Groove. in the 80s, I’m ‘On Fire’ in the 10s!”