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BBC announces Harry Styles telly special 

By | Published on Monday 21 August 2017

Harry Styles

The BBC has announced a telly special with that Harry Styles called ‘A Telly Special With That Harry Styles’. No, not really. It’s called ‘Harry Styles At The BBC’. To be consistent with previous pop star telly specials ‘Adele At The BBC’ and ‘Michael Bublé At The BBC’.

The one-time One Directioner will sing songs from his debut solo album, and chit chat about life in 1D, life not in 1D, and his side career playing bit parts in harrowing war movies. On the other side of the chit chat will be his best bud Nick Grimshaw, so don’t expect any questions of substance, but then that’s not really the point of these feel good shows is it?

The special is going to be recorded Up North in Manchester because, you might remember, Harry Styles grew up Up North in the Cheshire town of Holmes Chapel. Which you might not consider to be properly Up North, but you can fuck off. You get Granada telly there and that’s all that matters. Except when you’re making your telly special for the BBC, I suppose. But still, Granada telly equals Up North.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes, the telly special with that Harry Styles that will be recorded on 30 Aug and aired in November. Want a vacuous quote from Grimshaw? Here it is! “Harry is a great performer and full of so many wonderful stories about his extraordinary career, which he’ll be sharing with us, I can’t wait for this show!”