BBC Introducing shows to all move to the same Saturday night slot

By | Published on Tuesday 18 December 2012

BBC Introducing

The local BBC Introducing radio shows across England are set to shift to a new weekend slot of 8pm on Saturday evening.

Currently the weekly new-music championing and locally-produced music programmes air on different days and at different times on different local stations, though some are currently scheduled in a weekday evening slot. In a bid to cut costs, BBC local stations across England will all start airing the same evening show during the week from January, which would mean that some Introducing shows would have been forced to move anyway.

Some had feared that cost cutting in BBC local radio might have a more direct impact on the BBC Introducing venture, which has often been commended for spotting new musical talent early, with local DJs passing on their tips to music programmers elsewhere within the Corporation’s radio network. But, while some might not be so happy with the Saturday evening slot – you could argue many of the show’s target listeners will be out on a Saturday night – having a standard place in the schedule for BBC Introducing across the local station network could be seen as a step up.

Confirming that BBC Introducing would remain part of the Beeb’s local radio mix, and in the new uniform slot, David Holdsworth, Controller of BBC English Regions, told CMU: “Our audiences value the showcase that BBC Introducing offers to local emerging talent. Having all the programmes on at the same time means that we will be able to give the Introducing programmes on each of our 39 stations a higher profile which in turn will benefit the local acts”.