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BBC to launch new pop music quiz show

By | Published on Thursday 22 November 2018


BBC TV will next year launch a new musical quiz show in which contestants will be asked to name that tune. Hey, they should call it ‘Name That Tune’. Or maybe that’s been done before. The working title is ‘Playlisters’. Let’s hope they put some more work into that.

Pop couple Rochelle and Marvin Humes will host the thing, in which three teams will compete to win £10,000 by identifying songs and the artists singing them. The blurb says that “each round will be filled with hit songs from the 60s to today covering every style of pop music”. Which is good news. Everything released in the 1950s was shit.

“This is our first standalone show together”, sing Rochelle and Marvin Humes in perfect harmony, “and the fact it’s a format based on our love of music makes it all the more rewarding. We frequently put each other’s knowledge to the test at home, so we cannot wait to see how the contestants get on”.

“I can’t think of a better way to kick off Saturday nights”, adds the BBC’s Kate Phillips, who could possibly do with thinking a little harder. “Hosted by the deeply competitive Rochelle and Marvin Humes, it’ll have everyone at home shouting out the answers and singing along”.

Sounds like super fun. Unfortunately I think I’m going to be busy every Saturday night in 2019, because I’m pretty sure there’s some banging my head against a brick wall I need to get done. But you enjoy all that shouting and singing along, won’t you?