Beach House debut new track

By | Published on Thursday 8 March 2012

Beach House

Baltimore-based pairing Beach House have furthered their lyrical line in beatific swoon-pop, as established across three past LPs, with brand new track ‘Myth’. It’s thought to be taken from the duo’s forthcoming album ‘Bloom’, which is slated for release via Bella Union in mid-May.

The album features co-production by Chris Coady (Gang Gang Dance, Cold Cave), and is likened by the band’s Alex Scally to “a huge crystal, spinning in a cave with ‘Star Wars’ figurines” or, alternatively, “[our] own ‘Pet Sounds’, not in sound, but as something which feels like a definitive statement”.

Speaking in that same NME interview, Beach House singer Victoria Legrand describes the LP, I’d imagine quite huskily, as being about “death, loss of innocence…”

She adds: “As we’ve got older and evolved, it’s normal that there would be darker themes. But there’s lightness. It’s not all dark”.

And to that end, have a listen to the distinctly un-dark ‘Myth’: