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Beak> announce new album

By | Published on Thursday 12 July 2018


Squark! Beak> are back with a new album. Titled ‘>>>’ – which I’m saying, “right, right, right”, like you’ve understood something and want someone to shut up now, if you were wondering* – it will be released on 21 Sep on band leader Geoff Barrow’s Invada label.

“‘>>>’ definitely sounds like a step forward”, says Invada label manager Redg Weeks. “The production and feel of the first two albums was like listening through frosted glass; a band playing behind a curtain. Now we are hearing Beak> in sharp focus, but without forfeiting what the band see as its ‘wrongness’. This could be the result of having played bigger stages and festivals – something that was never part of the plan – or perhaps it is just a reaction to the infinite cut and paste fuzz pedal kraut bands on the planet”.

The band have already released the first single from the album, so you can listen to that now. Here’s ‘Brean Down’:

*I realise that’s almost certainly not how you say it, but I bet it’s more fun. Like before I knew !!! was pronounced chk chk chk, when I assumed you were just supposed to gasp like you’d trodden on a nail. Much better.