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Beastie Boys to film book show

By | Published on Monday 18 March 2019

Beastie Boys

Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz have announced plans to film three upcoming shows on their ongoing ‘Beastie Boys Book: Live & Direct’ tour.

Outings at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia on 5 Apr and the Kings Theater in Brooklyn on 8-9 Apr will be filmed by director Spike Jonze. In what form these recordings will eventually emerge isn’t clear.

On how the live show developed, Diamond said at SXSW last week, according to Billboard: “We wrote this book, and instead of going to book stores and us reading chapters, which probably would’ve kind of sucked, we did these shows where we were on stage, coming together”.

“It was kinda like a production, and we forgot to film the things we did before”, Horovitz added. “We were like ‘fuck, why don’t we just film it?'”

During the SXSW interview, the pair also revealed that there is already a sequel to their book, although it’s unlikely to be made available publicly. “We have a whole other book called ‘Funny To Us'”, said Horovitz. “The three of us together for so many days and weeks and months and years and traveling all over the place, you encounter so many super-weird people. And it’s not funny to everybody else, but to us it’s funny”.