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Beatles fans discovered to still have money in their wallets

By | Published on Wednesday 16 September 2015

The Beatles

When a countdown went up on the official Beatles website a few days ago, there was speculation that the fab four’s catalogue might be about to finally arrive on the streaming platforms. After all, following all those mono vinyl reissues, they must be done flogging physical releases to their fans. But no, you are wrong. They may have finished tricking people into buying their audio catalogue again, but what about all the video content they produced? Hmm?

A newly repackaged version of the 2000 greatest hits release ‘1’ is set to be released on 6 Nov. As well as a CD of all of the band’s UK and US number one singles, it’ll also feature 23 pieces of video content that were created for them on DVD or Blu-ray. The videos have all been restored and remixed in two forms of surround sound, and the CD tracks all have new stereo mixes too. So that’s nice. More new mixes of Beatles songs that you can pretend sound different to the others.

But wait, is all that not enough for you? Well, you are a lucky (if greedy) Beatles fan, because there is another version of this release, titled ‘1+’. That one features 50 promotional films and videos, spanning almost three and a half hours.

The ‘deluxe’ edition of ‘1+’ (you didn’t think we were finished, did you?) will also come with a 124 page book that you’ll never actually get around to reading, but will at least flick through once. And there’s a vinyl release of the audio on the way too.

Here’s a quote from Paul McCartney: “These videos and films are spectacular reminders of the era we lived in. They also rock!”

And one from Ringo Starr: “I think it’s really interesting to see the videos we made, some of them incredible and some of them really incredible. How else would we have got to sit on a horse?”

Honestly, that is Ringo Starr’s quote. Anyway, here is a trailer for the whole thing: