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Beatport acquires LabelRadar

By | Published on Friday 27 May 2022


Beatport has announced the acquisition of LabelRadar – a service which, as its name suggests, aims to get tracks by unsigned artists on the radar of labels.

Artists of all genres can upload their demos to LabelRadar, which then puts them in front of A&R types. When a label bod finds something they like, they can view data on that artist, start a chat, and even sign the track all within the app.

Musicians using the app get a notification as soon as their track is listened to, so that they can be excited for two minutes before spending weeks wondering if they somehow missed a message about the big contract. I imagine.

LabelRadar will now join Beatport’s Music Services division, alongside label management software Ampsuite, promotion tool Hype and record label database LabelBase.

“LabelRadar streamlines the whole demo submission process”, says Beatport’s SVP Music Services Alex Branson. “LabelRadar has built an accessible product that makes it easier for labels and publishers to review incoming demos, while ensuring artists get their demos heard by the right prospective partners who can immediately jump on the opportunity to sign new music”.

Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels adds: “Our mission is to build a division that can help artists and labels expand the reach and value of their music by connecting to Beatport’s unique community, and the acquisition of LabelRadar becomes an important part of our suite of services”.

Meanwhile, LabalRadar co-CEOs Ed Brew and Derek Clark comment: “LabelRadar was born from a shared dream of a music industry that was more accessible, transparent, and efficient for both artists and labels of all sizes. Our platform makes it easy to submit, discover, and sign unreleased music, fostering an ecosystem where quality music can be quickly identified and it’s no longer a matter of who you know in the industry”.

“Having worked with the top-notch team at Beatport on several projects, we were quick to recognise a shared vision, not just for what LabelRadar could become, but for the future of the music industry as a whole”, they continue.

“By partnering with Beatport, we are unlocking the true potential of our ecosystem by scaling our development efforts, tapping into their vast network of industry relationships, and further expanding the value we can offer our users. We’re excited to embark on the next chapter of our journey and to continue making sure no music goes under the radar again”.